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Financial Literacy Instructor Certification Course

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This course is designed to prepare and certify individuals to a point where they are qualified and comfortable to facilitate a course on personal finance and/or financial literacy. This is an 8-week course that will be delivered entirely online with the sole objective to properly prepare and certify participants (teachers) to effectively facilitate personal finance courses at their institution. Though the Personal Finance Facilitator Certification course is delivered entirely online, physical textbooks, along with a supporting online companion site and other online resources, will be utilized extensively throughout the entire course.

Participants are required to secure their own copies of the required books.(Total cost: $120 plus shipping)

There are eight modules with basic and advanced personal finance topics which cover all financial education core competencies established by the Department of Treasury. Each module will present a series of materials based on each respective chapter and lesson. Class and topic based discussions will occur within the ‘forums' section that will allow participants to post responses to individual topics, reply to classmates, course facilitator, and meet other course requirements to promote engagement and overall content retention.

Please note that the Your Financial Mastery (student) curriculum is recommended to be delivered using the flipped classroom model. The expectation in these courses is that students complete workbook assignments and review online resources before attending class, allowing class time to be dedicated to activities, simulations, and discussions. However, this certification course is entirely online and is intended to prepare the facilitator/teachers to deliver this 'flipped' student course.

In addition to the $120 book, the only additional cost is the course fee of $300 ($150 ION members- UofIL faculty/staff-contact ION office)


The purpose of this course is to prepare instructors to lead a financial literacy course and/or help them transition their current course to a flipped classroom format. No specific financial or mathematical training or expertise is required as this course and instructor guide was designed and written with this in mind.

Individuals pursuing the Illinois Online Network Master Online Teacher or Certified Online Learning Administrator certificates will not satisfy electives or requirements of those certificates with this course.


Course and Chapter topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Spending plans, banking resources
  2. Financial statements
  3. Credit, credit cards, and good debt versus bad debt
  4. Personal loans, automobiles, and homeownership
  5. College funding
  6. Investing basics
  7. Bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and other paper investments
  8. Investing-real estate
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Retirement planning
  11. Protecting your assets with insurance
  12. Taxes
  13. Protect your assets and your family
  14. & More!


  1. Week One
    1. Course introduction,
    2. Explanation and exploration of course
    3. Student and Facilitator introductions
    4. Chapter 1 -Financial Basics
  2. Week Two
    1. Chapter 2 - Spending Plans and Banking Resources
    2. Chapter 3 - Financial Statements
  3. Week Three
    1. Chapter 4 - Credit, Credit Cards and Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
    2. Chapter 5 - Personal Loans, Automobiles, and Home Ownership
  4. Week Four
    1. Chapter 6 - College Funding
    2. Chapter 7 - Investing Basics
  5. Week Five
    1. Chapter 8 - Bonds, Stocks, Mutual Funds and Other Paper Investments
    2. Chapter 9 - Investing - Real Estate
  6. Week Six
    1. Chapter 10 - Entrepreneurship
    2. Chapter 11 - Retirement Planning
  7. Week Seven
    1. Chapter 12 - Protecting Your Assets with Insurance
    2. Chapter 13 - Taxes
  8. Week Eight
    1. Chapter 14 - Protect Your Assets and Your Family (Identify Theft, Estate Planning, etc.)
    2. Chapter 15 - Financial Recovery (Life after bankrupcty, financial health assessments etc.)
    3. Course wrap up


  • Ensure that participants have strong familiarity with each of the chapters, topics, and a comprehensive understanding of basic and advance levels of financial literacy.
  • Introduce and familiarize course participants to the flipped classroom teaching method to a point where personal finance educators are able to effectively and comfortably facilitate courses.
  • Encourage and provide participants with the opportunity to cultivate financial literacy ideas and teaching strategies based on course topics and content, online resources and research.


This course is designed to enhance facilitator comfort and familiarity with financial literacy topics using iGrad & Pay Your Family First’s Your Financial Mastery - Financial Literacy for the Real World personal finance curriculum as the basis for instruction. Upon completion, successful participants will possess a thorough understanding of basic and advanced levels of financial literacy from the curriculum and comfort with the ‘flipped’ classroom. Participants will also be able to render their own opinions and methods as they progress through the course to assist in their own financial literacy initiatives at their campus.


This is an 8-week course and is provided as scheduled. Please note, this is not a “self paced” course and requires self determination, initiative and a desire to garner a comprehensive understanding of basic to advanced levels of financial literacy.


No prerequisites required, just a strong desire and dedication to learn how to effectively facilitate a financial literacy course. The course also requires regular and substantive participation in the classroom and substantial review of all content from each Instructor’s Guide and Online Companion Site.

Required materials

Lechter, Sharon, and Totman, Angela (2014). Your Financial Mastery Instructor Guide Chapters 1-8: Financial Literacy for the Real World (ISBN 9780983733973). TechPress, Incorporated, Paradise Valley, AZ

Lechter, Sharon, and Totman, Angela (2014). Your Financial Mastery Instructor Guide Chapters 9-15: Financial Literacy for the Real World (ISBN 9780983733980). TechPress, Incorporated, Paradise Valley, AZ

Complete the form at the following link for book orders. Once iGrad receives the order request, they’ll send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, iGrad ships out the book

Textbook order form.


  • Familiarize yourself with the online learning environment with the supplementary course provided.
  • Read the facilitator's lesson introductions and assigned discussion topics
  • Answer weekly discussion questions and/or post assigned work related to the Web articles or other resources assigned.
  • Engage in positive and meaningful dialog with classmates concerning the course subject matter.


The course has a modular structure. In most cases, modules present two chapters. Each chapter is individually presented. The course model is based on principles of collaborative and constructivist learning and makes use of group participation. Content is in the form of active participation in asynchronous discussion and synchronous chat, direct email, postings of materials, Web resources, and instructor notes. Participation in discussion forums to comment on the ideas and work of others is a major component of the course. Participants will acquire more in-depth information on some topics through links to outside sources.


Participants should expect to spend no less than three to five hours per week in reading, reflection, and participation within the course. Discussion posts and other work will be assigned. Satisfactory completion of the course will require successful production of discussion posts or other work as assigned.

Credit Options

None. This course is available only as a non-credit offering. There is no option for receiving academic credit for this course.


A fee is incurred for anyone enrolled in an Advanced Online Seminar, although there is a discount for ION members. (Only Diamond level ION partners are exempt.) The fee is determined by the number of contact hours and online discussion requirements for the course. To view the fee schedule for a specific section of this course, visit the Schedule and click on the link for that section (e.g. TM1051).

Taking a course for Graduate Credit through the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS):
Most MVCR courses [not the Advanced Online Seminars] may be taken for graduate credit through UIS. You do not pay twice if you choose this route. You pay only the tuition and fees associated with UIS enrollment. If you choose to enroll through UIS, you need to follow the instructions. You do not register through this site.

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Taking Courses for Academic Credit

Most 8-week MVCR courses can also be taken for academic credit through the University of Illinois at Springfield.

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Suggested Tracks

Instruction Centric

  • Online Learning
  • Instructional Design
  • Student Assessment
  • Encouraging Comm.
  • Elective
  • Practicum

Technology Centric

  • Online Learning
  • Technology Tools
  • Instructional Design
  • Student Assessment
  • Elective (Multimedia or Sims, Labs, Games, and VR)
  • Practicum

Support Professional

  • Online Learning
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  • Universal Design
  • Elective (Supporting Students, Copyright, Global eLearning, Blended/Hybrid, Librarians Collaborating, Multimedia Principles)
  • Practicum

COLA - track

  • Administration Seminar
  • Quality Assurance
  • Issues and Strategies in Faculty Training
  • Supporting Students Online

Choose one of the following three for your elective:

  • Administration of Online Programs
  • Copyright
  • Blended - Hybrid Learning Design and Instruction
  • Practicum for Administrators
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