Virtual Guest Lecture Series - Text Transcription

Plant Anatomy:
Taking an Old Course in New Directions
Richard Crang and Michelle Solodyna, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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Richard Crang is a professor of plant biology at UIUC. He currently teaches a course on Plant Anatomy which is online-enhanced. He has regular lecture and laboratory sessions on-campus in Urbana, but has developed a large amount of resource material and course content which has been organized into a CD for clearer identification and faster downloading. Richard will share his experiences in his online-enhanced course and explain the step by step approach he used in developing his online and offline electronic resource materials. He will raise questions regarding the differences in teaching using this modality, its successes and its problems. Michelle Solodyna works with Dr. Crang on the technical development of his Plant Anatomy course. She is a junior at UIUC from Hoffman Estates, IL and majoring in graphic design. I have invited both of them to participate in our WebBoard DQ discussions, and they will available for questions and discussion for 3 days following the lecture- It should be quite an interesting week!

This week's lecture has four parts:

arrowPart 1: Video
View this 7-minute introductory streamed video. You will need the RealMedia 7 Player plug-in, which you can download from the RealMedia Website (it's free). Remember to restart your browser after you've installed the plug-in.

The video content is avaliable in four formats:

Select the streaming media format that best fits your system capabilities. If you have a high bandwidth Internet connetion, select the T1/ISDN version.

Use the audio only version if you experience poor video quality due to slow modem connections or net congestion.

arrowPart 2: WebBoard Lecture
Read Richard's text-based lecture in our WebBoard MOD 4 Lecture conference.

arrowPart 3: Visit Richard's Plant Anatomy Electronic Learning Resource on the Web
It is located online at:
Once you are at the Plant Anatomy Electronic Learning Resource home page, you can access the course materials by clicking on the title at the top .

While these course materials can be observed using any browser, a number of the features are best seen using Internet Explorer 4.0 or better. To download the latest version of Internet Explorer go to Microsoft's Website and select the appropriate version for your system. Also, several short video segments are incorporated into this online resource (they are located in the sections: Nature of Plants, Microscopy & Imaging, Preparation & Staining Techniques, and Vascular Tissues: Xylem). To access the videos, use the Apple QuickTime Viewer, 4.1, which you can download from Apple's Website.

arrowPart 4: WebBoard Discussion
Go back to our WebBoard to read and respond to Richard's Lecture and questions. Remember, he and Michelle will be available for discussion this week through Friday, March 3rd.

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