The guest lectures listed below are from past MVCR course offerings which included active discussion and participation by the guest with the course participants. These courses are no longer in session and some of the biographical information is no longer current. These virtual guest lectures are still accessible online and the guests' e-mail addresses are linked to their presentations if you wish to contact them for questions or comments. The lectures are in various electronic formats and may require special plug-ins. More information on each lecture is linked below. To return to this page from these lectures, use the back button on your browser.

Developing the Online Developmental Writing Course

Lina Brotherton

Lina is an adjunct faculty member at Oakton Community College, where she has been teaching in the Communication department for the past fifteen years. She has taught almost every class offered, but her main focus has been with ESL and Developmental Writing students. In addition, she is a full time high school counselor in a single gender (female) college preparatory high school located in Wilmette, Illinois.

Virtual Learning

Matthew Wicks

Matthew Wicks, Director of Virtual Leaning at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA).

How Many Times a Day Should I Log On?

And Other Important Questions That I Should Have Asked

Jennifer Keithley

Jennifer Keithley, Last summer I began a journey into On-line learning. I took the very class that you are taking now. It was revolutionary in my teaching life. Since I am an outgoing and talkative person face to face, I wondered if it would be possible to dialogue with other students without really being able to see them. Could I learn information without the traditional lecture? The questions plagued me. However, after finishing the course, I was convinced. On-line learning is the future of education and I wanted to be a part of that future. Here are a few of the questions that I wish I had asked before I started teaching online.

Issues in Online Learning

Tod Treat

Tod Treat is a member of the Chemistry Faculty at Parkland Community College. Tod first became interested in online learning in his first year at Parkland, when he became interested in expanding access for students in Chemistry 100. Gradually, as the course evolved, he became interested on information literacy and copresented a workshop on the topic. He also was involved in a pilot project, called TechCARI, which focused on assessment of technology as a learning tool.

Making an Online Course Plagiarism Resistant

Mike McNett

Mike McNett is an English Instructor at Oakton Community College. In addition to his role as a Visiting Computer-Assisted Instruction Specialist with ION, Mike McNett teaches writing at Oakton Community College. During the 1999/2000 academic year, he developed Oakton's first online section of English 102 (Composition II), the research paper course, and it was first offered in the Fall 2000 semester. He is now teaching English 101 (Composition I) online for Oakton as well.

Trials and Tribulations with WebCT

Annette Ingram

Annette Ingram, Internet Course Administrator, Lewis and Clark Community College, Illinois. Annette has been working with Lewis and Clark since 1998 and has been more recently involved with WebCT and faculty support. She is also responsible for the technical and administrative side of WebCT at Lewis and Clark Community College.

Profiling Your Online Students

Karen Stewart

Karen Stewart, Ed.D., Executive Director of Teaching/Learning Quality and Innovation, Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Does Online Learning Enhance Instruction

Thelma Parker

Thelma S. Parker, Professor of Student Development and Faculty Coordinator of Instructional Computing at Oakton Community College. Thelma's work in instructional technology has been to support faculty integration of technology in their courses and the development of online courses. Soda, as she is commonly known, has taught several courses and seminars for faculty on technology applications, the World Wide Web, and online learning. She has also developed and taught an online course. She received the 1999 Thomas A. Zimanzl Educator of the Year award from the Community College Association for Instruction and Technology. This lecture is presented in PowerPoint.

Usability in Online Course Design

Mary Winters-Meyer

Mary Winters-Meyer, Webmaster, Department of Crop Sciences, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Mary graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in English/Rhetoric, and with three years of computer engineering courses under my belt. Her web responsibilities have grown tremendously as more and more faculty and staff in the department become interested in putting content on the web. She now manage about a dozen different websites for various crop-related projects funded by the Department of Crop Sciences and the University of Illinois Extension.

Designing and Running Online Courses

Patricia Phillips-Batoma

Patricia M. Phillips-Batoma, Computer-Assisted Design Specialist, Department of Chemistry, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Patricia relates lessons learned while designing and administering Web sites for the Chemistry curriculum at the University of Illinois.

Planning and Designing the Online Learning Environment

Cheryl Bielema

Cheryl Bielema, Instructional Development Specialist, University of Missouri, St. Louis (UMSL) - Cheryl Bielema currently manages the Faculty Resource Center, consulting with and training faculty in the integration of technology. She coordinates the use of Flashlight Online, an evaluation databank and authoring tool sponsored by AAHE, and is directing an evaluation study of web-assisted courses using Blackboard during Fall Semester, 2000, the first semester of its use at UMSL. Cheryl worked previously at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in distance learning for the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, as well as in UI Extension. Her teaching experience is in Curriculum and Instruction for preservice teachers, and as a guest lecturer for distance learning issues and adult learning.

Creating an Online Learning Community

Peg Saragina

Peg Saragina, from Santa Rosa Jr. College in California shares her experiences as a virtual professor offering suggestions and advice for creating a productive learning community and providing timely and effective feedback online. This lecture is presented on a simple webpage.

How to Retain Students in Online Courses

Ray Schroeder

Ray Schroeder, from the University of Illinois Springfield discusses his experience as a Virtual Professor and strategies for student satisfaction and retention in online classes. This lecture is presented in PowerPoint.

Plant Anatomy: Taking a New an Old Course in New Directions

Richard Crang

Richard Crang and Michelle Solodyna, from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign discuss the step-by-step approach they took as they transformed Richard's course on Plant Anatomy from a traditional classroom-based format to an online-enhanced course with resources and course content presented on a CD. This lecture is presented in various formats.

Does the Virtual Classroom Narrow or Widen the Educational Divide?

Nidhal Guessoum

Nidhal Guessoum, from the College of Technological Studies in Kuwait discusses how the internet accessibility in rural areas in the US and abroad -- the so-called "digital divide"-- affects the virtual classroom. This lecture is presented on a simple webpage.

Illinois Virtual Campus Student Support Centers

Cathy Gunn

Cathy Gunn, from the University of Illinois, introduces the Illinois Virtual Campus's Student Support Centers and discusses the role of faculty in online education.

The Importance of Faculty Support to Online Learning

Mary Hales

Mary Hales, Director of Technology Enhanced Learning at Lewis & Clark Community College

My Life With WebCT

Herb Lyon

Herb Lyon, Professor of Mathematics at Black Hawk College in Moline Illinois, describes his experiences using the course management program WebCT to teach calculus. Herb describes the lessons he has learned teaching online.

Amy's Newbie Experience

Amy Brown

Amy teaches communication at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, IL describes her transition to online teaching and learning (reluctantly) by taking MVCR's Online Learning: Overview class

You want me to teach what?!

Mary Busler

Mary Busler teaches communication at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, IL. Mary's students consistently report that she is an exceptional teacher with a lot of knowledge and great enthusiasm for her subject, students, and learning. As she will explain in her "lecture", she came to online teaching kicking and screaming. We think you'll find her journey interesting.

Jeannie's MVCR/MOT Experience

Jeannie Anderson

Jeannie presents an online guest lecture on several points:

  1. My course application project from OO1022
  2. How I have applied this project to other courses I teach.
  3. Projects to look forward to in future MOT core courses.
  4. Opportunities this program has afforded me.
  5. Additional Best Practices and Tools.


Jeff Bathe

Jeff has worked in higher education in a variety of faculty and administrative positions. His teaching background can be considered unique as he has taught courses in technology, education, psychology, and college success in variety of delivery modes, including online, interactive television, hybrid, and open learning formats in addition to face-to-face instruction.

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