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Advanced Online Seminars

What are Advanced Online Seminars

Advanced Online Seminars are the next step of knowledge development beyond our more comprehensive MVCR courses. These courses cover specialized topics in depth or to a more technical degree. These courses are developed when a specialized need or high level of interest is seen within a given online teaching and learning topic.

Who Takes Them

Anyone can take Advanced Online Seminars. They are open to the public.

What Courses Are Offered

Advanced Online Seminars are always being developed. The first seminar was developed in 2003 and offered in 2004 on Time Management. Additional seminars including Tutoring Online, Synchronous Classrooms, and Supporting Students Online are now available. For an up-to-date list, see the course catalog.

How Much Do Advanced Online Seminars Cost?

Because of their specialized nature and shorter duration, Advanced Online Seminars are priced according to a different scheme than MVCR courses. Non-ION members pay $300 for these courses. ION members pay a fee of $150 for Advanced Online Seminars. Costs of all activities within the MVCR program are available on the fees page.