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Student Support

The materials in this section of the Web site will give you all the information you need to obtain support for your MVCR course. If you have further questions, though, please feel free to contact MVCR. We are committed to making the MVCR experience one of the best educational experiences you will ever have.


Technology Support
The Illinois Online Network provides support for the Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality courses. If you are having problems beginning a process, such as registering for a course, logging into Moodle, or opening MVCR Web pages, contact technical help: Once your course has begun, refer technical questions to the facilitator or the ION office. You will find this information in the course syllabus.

Student Support
In addition to technical support, the facilitator can help you with any problems that you may have during the course, or you can seek assistance in the ION office. You will find the contact information for this person in the course syllabus. You can also receive support on issues such as which course to take, withdrawing from a course, etc. from the MVCR help person at

ION is also committed to providing support and assistance to MVCR participants with disabilities. The rigor of our online courses can be challenging to professionals at any level of ability. Non-credit programming is not held to the same standard as credit, but we stand by the same committment. If you require disability accommodation in MVCR participation, please notify your instructor and/or the ION office at the earliest opportunity of the ways we can help you.

While a student in a traditional program can go to a building on campus to receive various forms of support, such support is not as easy to come by online. In Illinois, each institution has a student support center that one can go to in order to receive support. Many of these services are available online. A listing of Illinois Community College sites can be found at the Illinois Virtual Campus. Although only Illinois sources are listed above, keep in mind that you need to find out about the student support services offered to you.

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