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builder compliance global quality technology transformation support assess web class connect City Colleges of Chicago Certified Financial Literacy Instructor

The MVCR Badges recognize achievements in professional development applying the technology of the Mozilla Open Badge project. See this site, the Open Badge site, for more information. The following digital badges represent achievement in blocks of 16 continuing education units:

Overview and Instructional Design - BUILDER

Universal Design and Copyright - COMPLIANCE

Global Education and Administration of Online - GLOBAL

Quality Assurance and Issues and Strategies - QUALITY

Sims, Labs, etc and Tech Tools - TECHNOLOGY

Blended Learning and Encouraging Communication - TRANSFORMATION

Supporting Students and the Practicum Administration - SUPPORT

Practicum and Student Assessment - ASSESS

Web Design and Multimedia - WEB

Synchronous Classrooms, Group Work, Librarians, Tutoring Online - CLASS

Time Management, Social Networking, Mobile Technology, Podcasting - CONNECT

Overview, Instructional Design, Student Assessment - CCC

Certified Financial Literacy Instructor - CFLI

We also felt that it was desirable to provide an additional, digital format for displaying or sharing the fact that you have earned and MOT or COLA. so, along with receiving a physical, hand signed, suitable for framing certificate from ION upon the completion of your certificate, you will also be awarded a digital certificate.


What happens before, during, and after I earn an ION badge?
Getting an ION badge starts with completing two or more of the MVCR eight-week or four-week course combinations. Whenever you complete a combination described above you instantly become eligible to receive the badge. You will be notified via e-mail of your achievement and provided a link to follow to claim your badge. Prior to claiming your first badge you will need to create a backpack at the Open Badge Project (not affiliated with ION or the University of Illinois) to hold your ION badges.

After you have created your backpack and claimed your badge, you will see the various badges you have earned in your account on the Open Badge backpack site. Other sites or services also provide badges to the same site.

Should you wish to do so, you may copy your badge (with a link to your backpack) and paste it into your e-mail signature, your personal homepage, or faculty webpage. The link information that will allow others to authenticate your badge. In other words:

  1. Complete any badge sequence;
  2. Create your backpack at Open Badges Project;
  3. Follow the link to claim your badge. If the email address in your backpack is different than the one that received the "You've got a badge message" --claiming your badge will not work at first. You will need to email the ION office with both addresses, identifying the address with your backpack profile;
  4. Copy the badge icon in a suitable size then paste it to where you wish to show it (i.e. your email signature);
  5. Put the badge (while in your Backpack) into a public badge area;
  6. Click the "Share this Group" icon in the lower right corner of the Badge group;
  7. Select and copy the entire address of the badge "group share" page. A banner across the top of the page will say "This is what your portfolio page looks like to the public";
  8. Apply this page address (its URL) as the hyperlink to the icon you pasted in step 4.

Now, when someone sees your badges, they can verify the authenticity by clicking the link.