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The first course in the MVCR series was introduced in the Spring of 1999. Since then, the MVCR catalog has continued to expand. The series currently has the following courses, including 8-week, 4-week, and 3-week offerings. Most of our 8-week courses can be taken for Continuing Education Units or for Academic Credit. These courses cover a wide range of topics providing a firm foundation in many educational principles. Included in the series are courses that may count toward the Master Online Teacher certificate, the Certified Online Learning Administrator certificatees, or any of the several ION badges.

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* Core courses for Certificate Master Online Teacher or Certified Online Learning Administrator

Course Title Short Description Schedule Register
*Instructional Design for Online Course Development This course introduces instructional design principles and relates the principles to the development of online courses. Go to Registration
*Overview of Online Instruction This course is an introduction to online learning and instruction in which key aspects of adaptation to the online environment, course facilitation, and relevant designs are previewed Go to Registration
*Practicum The Practicum is the final course in the certificate program. Practicum participants will work with a small group of peers and one MVCR instructor to develop or improve an online course. Go to Registration
*Practicum for Online Learning Administrators Capstone in COLA program applies previously covered material and adds activities to complete the online learning administrator certification. Go to Registration
*Quality Assurance and Accountability in Online/Distance Learning Examination of Quality assurance strategies and issues. Review of processes, philosophies, and strategies for building appropriate accountability processes into online learning programs toward the successful accreditation of online degrees and integration of online programs into the mainstream institutional catalog. Go to Registration
*Student Assessment in Online Courses This course addresses various assessment formats that can be used for evaluating students in online courses. Go to Registration
Blended Learning Design and Instruction This course provides instructors an introduction to learning theory, experience using technologies they might adopt in their own courses, and experience redesigning part of a course that could be offered in a hybrid format. Go to Registration
Copyright Issues in Online Education After an introduction to the principles of copyright as they apply to higher education under the laws of the United States, Canada, and international agreements, course participants will become familiar with concepts that relate directly to their specific online course design needs. Go to Registration
Digital Accessibility for Educators Workshop Go to Registration
Encouraging Communication in Online Courses This course addresses how to promote effective communication among students and between students and instructors in online courses. Go to Registration
Financial Mastery: Training the Financial Literacy Trainer

Course in partnership with iGrad Personal Financial Mastery program for personal financial literacy instructors

Course does not contribute to satisfaction of the ION Master Online Teacher or Master Online Leader and Administrator certificates.

Go to Registration
Global eLearning This course will provide for you an international perspective on e-learning with the goal of helping you to be prepared for international students in your traditional or online courses, and to offer international e-learning or training within or outside of the context of your institution and your country. Go to Registration
Issues and Strategies for Faculty Training This course addresses various models for faculty training and explores the literature to see what works with faculty training. Go to Registration
Librarians and Instructors Collaborating in Online Learning Areas of study will include: how information literacy skills can be integrated into existing assignments; opportunities for librarian and instructor partnerships; and strategies to ensure you are using library resources to their full potential. Go to Registration
Online Teaching Strategies for Mathematics This instructor-led, eight-week, fully-online course introduces strategies for teaching mathematics online. Participants will discover and discuss concepts, ideas, and strategies that lead to the effective instruction of an online mathematics course. Go to Registration
Sims, Labs, and Virtual Reality in Online Learning 8-week survey of digital and web-based simulations, games, and virtual environments. Go to Registration
Supporting Students for Online Leaders This is an overview of approaches to holistically support online students through a high touch/high-tech approach. Participants will learn the scope of online student services and the important of developing effective remotely delivered services to improve student success and retention rates. The participants will learn best practices in early development of online programs, preparing students, ongoing support, and support after graduation or program completion. Course materials and objectives are aligned with the UPCEA Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership. Go to Registration
Technology Tools for Online Learning This instructor-led, eight-week, fully-online course explores some of the technology tools used to build and deliver online courses. Go to Registration
Universal Design Principles for Online Learning In this hands-on course you will discover how principles of Universal Design can help you create course content that can be accessed and used by anyone, including people with disabilities. By the end of the course, participants will have a good understanding of Universal Design Principles for Online Learning, know potential accessibility/usability issues that need to be considered in course design, and be able to create more accessible/usable course content. Go to Registration
Web Design Principles for Online Educators The purpose of this course is to introduce educators to web design principles that can be used to create effective online courses. Go to Registration
Course Title Short Description Schedule Register
Administrator of Online Learning Seminar 4 week orientation and survey of online administration issues and topics. This course is required for successful completion of the Certified Online Learning Administrator program Go to Registration
Creating Accessible Documents This instructor-led, four-week, fully-online course introduces the steps to making documents, presentations, and workbooks accessible. Participants will make their own materials accessible, and interact with classmates making their materials accessible. Go to Registration
Creating Accessible Videos This instructor-led, four-week, fully-online course introduces storyboarding, video production, and video accessibility. Participants will discover and discus issues in accessibility, as well as learn how to caption external videos and create accessible videos Go to Registration
Foundations of Accessibility for Educators This instructor-led, four-week, fully-online course introduces the legal landscape of accessibility, universal design for learning, and course design principals. Participants will discover and discus issues in accessibility, and the gains which can be made from a universal design for learning approach. Go to Registration
Group Work Online This course will explore explore in detail the dynamics of creating group assignments and facilitating group work-based learning in an online environment. Go to Registration
Mobile Technologies in Online Learning This course assists participants in discovering various mobile technologies as they might be applied to distance learning. Students will survey various technology formats, analyzing for strengths and weaknesses of each. Students will design, create, and present a learning unit in mobile learning format appropriate to their primary student demographic. Go to Registration
Synchronous Classrooms This instructor-led, four-week, fully-online course will move beyond the well-known asynchronous learning environment and explore the ideas behind and skills needed to teach online in real time - synchronously. By addressing the pedagogical foundations first and then identifying and practicing the new skill sets, the course will prepare participants to better plan and manage the synchronous classroom. Go to Registration
Time Management for Online Instructors This course explores time management strategies for online courses. It includes strategies for saving time during the design and development of the course, as well as useful techniques for saving time during the facilitation of the course. Go to Registration


Taking Courses for Academic Credit

Most 8-week MVCR courses can also be taken for academic credit through the University of Illinois at Springfield.

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Suggested Tracks

Instruction Centric

  • Online Instruction Overview
  • Instructional Design
  • Student Assessment
  • Encouraging Comm.
  • Elective
  • Practicum

Technology Centric

  • Online Instruction Overview
  • Technology Tools
  • Instructional Design
  • Student Assessment
  • Elective (Multimedia or Sims, Labs, Games, and VR)
  • Practicum

Support Professional

  • Online Instruction Overview
  • Instructional Design
  • Student Assessment
  • Universal Design
  • Elective (Supporting Students, Copyright, Global eLearning, Blended/Hybrid, Librarians Collaborating, Multimedia Principles)
  • Practicum

COLA - track

  • Administration Seminar
  • Quality Assurance
  • Issues and Strategies in Faculty Training
  • Supporting Students Online

Recommended elective: Administration of Online Programs

  • Practicum for Administrators
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"The instructor's suggestions, the weekly reading assignments, especially this week's look into the "how's" and "why's" of online course creation will take me back to the drawing board to tweak some areas of my classes, both traditional and online! "     

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Award winning courses

The MVCR program won the Award for Excellence in ALN Faculty Develop-ment (in conjunction with other ION programs) from the Sloan-consortium in 2002. One of our instructors won the WebCT Exemplary Online Course Award for an MVCR course as well.

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