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The first course in the Essentials series, Online Learning: Essentials, was introduced in the Fall of 2012. The MVCR catalog will see additional Essentials courses as they are developed. Unlike the other MVCR courses, the Essentials courses will run on demand for qualified partner groups or as the need arises, independent of the conventional academic calendar.

  • The Essentials courses are 3-weeks in length;
  • Lower cost: $80 for ION Founding Members;
  • Lower participation threshold: Fewer and lower intensity assignments;
  • The MVCR Essentials courses are designed to introduce and illustrate essential concepts in online learning without the more demanding participation and production aspects seen in the 8-week MVCR courses;
  • Essentials courses will not count toward the MOT or COLA certificates;
  • Individuals successfully completing Essentials courses will receive a letter for 3 CEUs;
  • We will schedule Essentials courses at various times through the year, with little to no regard for the MVCR schedule. On-demand or custom sections of Essentials courses are available by request.

What is the course structure?
All MVCR: Essentials courses are delivered entirely online and rely on asynchronous discussion as the principle form of communication. Technically, there are no class times. Some courses may include optional synchronous online chats or office hours. Participants interact with one another and with the instructor via a Web-based course management/ conferencing system.

Course content is broken into modules, each of which covers a specific topic. Most, if not all, of the materials you will use in your course are online. Your instructor may recommend books or additional paper-based resources.

The course instructors introduce and illustrate the strategies and issues that participants will encounter in their own online courses, and the online format gives participants new to online teaching an opportunity to experience the virtual classroom from a student's perspective.

Where do the classes take place?
The courses take place wherever your computer is: at home, at work, on the road - anywhere you can connect to the Internet. No campus visits are ever required. Our courses are currently taught within the Moodle course management system.
You should also find that you can participate through your mobile phone and/or tablet devices.

When do the classes meet?
Technically, there are no class times. Online courses are conducted "asynchronously," which means individuals "take turns" sending text messages back and forth between students and instructors. The courses are designed to elicit your participation online. You can log onto the system whenever it is convenient for you, at any time, day or night, to retrieve and/or send course information. This way you receive feedback and interaction, but don't have to be online at a set time of day.

How much time will the course take?
You should plan to spend two to four hours per week in each MVCR course. Those participants who spend more than that will find that they learn more in the process. "The more you put in, the more you get out." If you find that you want to get more than what the Essentials courses offer, consider the full, 8-week MVCR courses.

How will you login?
Upon registration, you will be sent an email containing information on the MVCR orientation program containing more information about accessing your course. On the day the course officially begins, you will be able to login and begin the course materials, but the orientation course is available for beginners about one week before the course begins. Each course is run in the course management program and will require using the username and password credentials as described after you register.

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Course Policies

MVCR course policies include privacy issues, grading, behavior, payment, participation, and copyright and student ownership

The Policies

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What They're Saying

"I'm learning so much from this experience. I started to type "class" there instead of experience, but it has really been a learning experience and I'm elevating it to that status in my choice of words."     

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