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The MVCR series helps faculty members acquire skills and knowledge needed to teach online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting Early

There are two separate machines involved in registering and participating in MVCR courses. The registration system is entirely separate from the Moodle system (the course management system we use.) Your registration is not automatically transferred to MVCR. After you have registered, and before your MVCR term begins, your registration information is transferred to the MVCR server. You will not have access to your new courses before then. Further, you will be able to access your new course only after your facilitator has updated and released it.

Working ahead in your course is another story. Your facilitator may or may not make provisions for you to work ahead. It is up to the individual facilitator.

The post-term or end-of-term Survey

At the ION website you should log in and click through to the MyMVCR link. In the lower left corner of the page, you will find a box under your profile called "Course Evaluations". If access remains to an evaluation to which you been invited, there will be a link to it in that box. Click the link, complete the evaluation, and know that we appreciate your time and energy to assist us in assuring the quality of our program.

Invoice and records

This is a link to your registration record and invoice: You will need to log into MyION to get to the Current account status for payment history and invoices.

New User

If you are a new user to the MVCR system; your profile information may not yet have been uploaded to the course management system. In other word, the course management system server "does not know you" yet. About one to two weeks before the term starts, that information will be uploaded and you will receive additional communication.

Username and password

Your MVCR Moodle username is the email address you used to create your ION profile. Your password is the same as the password you created for your ION profile. UIUC participants will use your NetID only. More information will follow.


You will receive your MOT certificate and a letter identifying the courses you completed in its pursuit. There is no official MVCR transcript because the MOT is not a credit program. Your MyMVCR dashboard will list your completed courses and grades. If you took classes toward the MOT for academic credit, your UIS transcript will reflect grades and completion of those courses. Grades for courses completed in the middle of an academic semester will not be visible at UIS until the end of the semester.

Options for institutional support of MVCR fees:

  • Partner institutions prepay blocks of MVCR registrations at discounted rates; consumption is monitored by ION staff- verified by institution
  • Individuals register and pay, submit for reimbursement by institution for CEUs or academic credit;
  • Partner institutions may request invoice links for supported participants upon approval and pay online
  • University of Illinois Departments may confirm affiliation with registrants and provide CFOAP information for Journal Voucher transfer.

Resetting password

On the Learn@Illinois site ( most users are to use the blue, 'Moodle-Only Login' button to log in. If you have forgotten your password, or are otherwise having password difficulty, click the blue Moodle-Only Login button and find the Forgotten your username or password? link. Provide your email address and a reset link will come back to you.


Edit your profile to "Forum auto-subscribe" NO. In the troublesome forums, unsubscribe yourself - looking for the link to do so in the upper right corner of the screen.

What happened to moved from an outside, independent hosting company to the Learn@Illinois Moodle server on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the August, 2014 term. Multiple reasons drove the decision and the move. The greatest of these reasons were cost saving, improved service to UI participants, and more local control of resources. Coursees that started in August 2014 and later are on the Learn@Illinois site and will be visible to past participants for one full term. MVCR courses from prior to August 2014 are intact, but without participant data.

Past Course Availability

Your courses are available to you immediately after the close of your MVCR term and for about 2 months. After that, your courses remain on the MVCR server in a deactivated state. Your record of completion remains safe on the ION server. You may request temporary, 2-week access to a deactivated course by writing to We expect the duration of these deactivated but accessible courses to reach 2 years or more. Only courses that ran since January 2011 are available for reactivation.

What they say

"This course has given me the chance to reflectively compare my course against others. This was a great opportunity for me to gain some insights into what others are doing. I was also able to hear from others about their views of an online course."