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Master Online Learning Administrator Certificate

The Master Online Learning Administrator program, launching in Fall 2018, prepares faculty, administrators, and staff to lead online learning initiatives.

The certificate is a comprehensive professional development program based on the Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership from the University Professional and Continuing Education Association and provides researched best practices and practical insights from recognized leaders in the field.

The certificate will require five courses and cover topics that pertain to the six Hallmarks of Online Leadership (in bold):

  • Entrepreneurial Initiative and advocacy within an institution
  • Faculty Support and quality assurance
  • Student Support
  • Digital Technology
  • External Advocacy and Professionalism

Who Should Enroll in this Program

The Master Online Learning Administrator certificate is designed for administrators, faculty, and staff members interested in maximizing the strength and success of the online learning programs at their institutions.

About the Transition for COLA Participants

We are re-organizing the courses, but this will not affect your progress toward the certificate, or change your requirements. All courses already completed will be honored, and you do not have to re-take anything. Feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have. The Administrator Practicum course will be offered the final time during Summer 2018.

The Master Online Learning Administrator certificate is a new iteration of the Certified Online Learning Administrator (COLA) certificate offered by ION from 2011 through Spring 2018.