Making the Shift to Web-Based Teaching and Learning

Iris Stovall
Illinois Online Network


Example Web Sites

Marketing and Syllabi

Indiana University
Theories of Crime
CLCIV 110/114: Introduction to Greek Culture
HPER H318 Drug Use in American Society Syllabus - Spring 2000

Student Exploration of Web Resources

Very Smart Web Links
Bill Huitt's Directory of WWW Links
Astronomy 121: The Solar System

Student-Generated Resources Published on the Web

Student Generating Resources
LIS 424: Government Publications

Course Resources on the Web

Evolution - Old Dominion
EdPsy 387: Computer Uses in Education
Com 333 Communicating Through the Internet

Repurpose Web Resources

ACES 100: The Discovery System Online
Web As an Alternate Delivery System for Resident Students
Chemistry 331

Entire Course on the Web
CSHC 400 Public Health Concepts and Practices
AnSci 200: Dairy Nutrition and Management

Course Fits Within Larger Programmatic Web Initiative

CTER (Curriculum, Technology and Education Reform)
HRE (Human Resource Education)

Additional Resources

A Ten Level Web Integration Continuum for Higher Education: New Resources, Partners, Courses, and Markets by Bonk et. al., University of Indiana

Creating Powerful Online Courses Using Multiple Instructional Strategies by Tina Joy Pitt and Anne Clark, U of Colorad-Denver

Students' Response to the Use of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) for Teaching Chemistry by Rosamaria Fong, British Columbia Institite of Technology

Pedagogical Roles and Implementation Guidelines for Online Communication Tools by Gina Maria Funaro, Stanford Learning Lab, Stanford University

Altnernatives to the Online Lecture an ION Resource

Some Example Courses an ION Resource

Activities that Promote Online Discussion an ION Resource