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  • What is the FSI all about?
    We are about promoting the effective use of networked information technologies in all aspects, espectially online and hybrid, education. The conference addresses the needs of administrators, educators, trainers, and designers who are involved in the application of Web-based technologies to the teaching and learning process and in the planning, administration, and management of online education programs.
  • What happened during FSI 2005?

    Lots of information was shared at this FSI, as we tried to incorporate multiple information formats, from our very successful roundtables to plenary sessions, panels, workshops, and selected hands-on sessions. We also expanded our vendor coverage, including a sponsored beverage break. If anything, the amount of choice caused some to have to miss sessions. We have already made plans to add an extra concurrent session time with fewer discussions per session to allow participants to see more presentations.
  • Connecting with the future
    This years FSI made a point of highlighting new and exciting technologies in online education, including such items as podcasting, synchronous conferencing with new tools, open source movements, social networking, etc.

    Some participants also registered a poster session to show off online learning at their institution and other programs of interest.

    Snack and discussion times, allowed visitors to network with new colleagues and catch up with others.

  • What did people think?
    82% rated the overall experience as above average.
    100% will incorporate what they have learned into their classes.
    Overall average rating of 4.0/5.0.
    Average increase in knowledge self-reported at 41%
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    • Selected Comments -
      • "I have already [made use of what I learned] as I modified my upcoming class a little based on something learned this week."
      • "As a beginner, it was extremely beneficial and encouraging"
      • "Made long list of things to consider in the future in both my on-line & on-campus classes."
      • "FSI is just fabulous - I learned so much, this event and all the people encouraged and motivated me with my online teaching."
      • Some with good ideas - "We should have had a recorder to collect everyones ideas to share them online."
      • "I loved it! The speaker was helpful, informative, and motivating. I feel more confident to start teaching my first online course."
      • "Great presentation - lots of info. and practical experience to share!"
      • "Great Handouts and resources. Absolutely wonderful for beginners - good presenters!!"
      • "Very thought provoking. Great session."
      • "A tremendously wonderful learning experience! Thank you."
      • And many more
  • Seeing the Sites
    For those that needed time away or just wanted to enjoy a free afternoon on the town, Springfield offered a variety of historic opportunities, including the new Lincoln Museum. We also weren't very far away from Amish country for those really looking for an escape.
  • Staying connected

    Going to a conference no longer means leaving your world behind thanks to Internet connectivity. Many took advantage of our email station to keep in touch.

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