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January 18, 2002

 Faculty Development Web Sites
Workshop for Faculty Development Staff
Illinois Online Network

January 18, 2002

Oakton Community College
Teaching Learning Center

A good example of how a web site can be used to advertise the services and resources available in a support facility.

Armstrong Atlantic University
Faculty Support

Part of the site functions as a billboard for services and workshops available on an f2f basis in the physical facility and a listing of hardware, software, and labs available on campus. But it also contains some WebCT support information and a page of links to web-based resources for OL instructors

Del Mar College
Teaching and Learning Center

Like the preceding examples, serves an advertising function for the facility, but adds more online resources in the form of a page of links to electronic teaching-related newsletters which are accessible only on a password basis to DMC faculty. Also includes a page of links to pedagogy sites, professional associations and publications.

Rockhurst University
Center for Teaching Excellence

This site also incorporates the advertising function, but adds a listing of books in the CTE library, a page of links to web-based resources, and some online tutorials on technology subjects.

Lansing Community College
Center for Teaching Excellence

This is a much larger-scale version of the preceding few examples. Has password-restricted electronic newsletters, but also publicly accessible teaching-tips articles, extensive catalog of technology/hardware available. Face-to-face, onsite workshops cover pedagogy, CATs, specialized software skills, and BlackBoard. They also have a variety of online "workshops" which are actually text-based pages that provide lots of good information. Webpage design. easily accessible at the top level, but very deep.

Learning Technology Service
North Carolina State University

Offers face-to-face services, but also has a large online tutorial on the process of developing a course for online delivery.

Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction
Maricopa Community Colleges

This site is notable for the breadth and depth of its resources, and for the extraordinary degree to which online learning and support for are integrated into all areas of the college(s).

Computing Support
North Carolina State University

With this site, we move to virtual support sites. I like this one for its simple Q&A format, which offers a straightforward interface which leads to some quite extensive help.

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Teaching Resource Center

Styled as a wholly virtual resource center, but the contents, which lean more heavily to pedagogy than technology, support f2f as well as online teaching. Simple, easy-to-produce web page format is nonetheless quite effective.

University of Washington

A completely virtual support center where all assistance is provided online. Attractive, "clean" web page design make it easy to navigate a broad and very deep site.

Mt. Royal College
Virtual Centre for Online Learning and Teaching ADC/teachingonline/faculty_index.htm

Another completely virtual support center with many online tutorials. Again a simple web design gives ready access to a large and complex collection of information.

For Further Exploration--Lists of Other Sites

The sites in today's program are only a tiny fraction of those available on the web. The web pages listed below contain extensive listings of faculty development sites across the U.S. and around the world.

at Dalhousie University

at Hofstra University

at Illinois State University

at the University of Chicago

at the University of Kansas




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