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January 18, 2002

Methods in Use to Help Faculty Create Quality Online Courses

  • Proposed new courses are accompanied by a detailed proposal
  • A preliminary module for evaluation is created in advance of teaching the course.
  • An issue - "No one tells me what to do in f2f, are you telling me now in online?"
  • Offer surveys and evaluations of student satisfaction
  • Monitor quality of course maintenance over time
  • Create student focus groups
  • Encourage faculty to call students early on in the semester
  • Tools provided for faculty but not the pedagogy - quality is in the tools
  • Step up follow-up procedures during first semester the course is taught

How to Ensure Quality

  • Suggest that new instructors take an online course
  • Have faculty examine quality peer courses
  • Sit down with faculty and ask them to state their teaching strengths.
  • Help them find a way to translate their strengths to their online courses.
  • Sample online classes to look at
  • Have them teach first f2f and use their web enhancements in the f2f course
  • Set up peer networks with other faculty to get tips
  • Brown bag lunches for invited faculty
  • Focus on what faculty will get out of it
  • Offer a course on teaching with technology using the actual technology they will be using


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