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There are several services on ION that require authentication, such as registering for courses, viewing faculty summer institute and facutly trainer institute information, and viewing other items you may have signed up for, MyION is your portal to that information.  

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Why MyION? Most of the information on this Website is freely available; however, some aspects require an account to take full advantage of them. Often, this account serves only to verify your status with an ION institution in order to receive additional services on this Website, such as MVCR course registration fee discounts. These accounts also serve to customize your ION portal and to maintain your participation records in Webinars, Advanced Online Seminars, and MVCR courses. This is one-time only process and your information is kept confidential. Read our Privacy Notice.

Security Notice: Several features of the MyION account, such as completion of our course evaluations, currently require that the security settings of your computer allow for session variables. In Internet Explorer, this translated to having your privacy settings under Tools...Internet Options...Privacy to Medium. If you are unable to make these settings, you may not be able to complete some functions on the ION site. Alternative methods such as mailing in your evaluations will need to be utilized.

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ION recommends creating a complex password that:

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  • has at least 1 lower case letter; and
  • has at least 1 UPPER case letter
  • We further recommend that you avoid using words that are found in the dictionary.

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    "While learning about skills and attitudes needed by online students, I had the opportunity to experience those needs myself."     

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    The MVCR program won the Award for Excellence in ALN Faculty Develop-ment (in conjunction with other ION programs) from the Sloan-consortium in 2002. One of our instructors won the WebCT Exemplary Online Course Award for an MVCR course as well.

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