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Any educational institutional can become an Illinois Online Network partner

Any institutional with a mission to educate or train students and participants in an online or blended environment can become an Illinois Online Network partner

The Illinois Online Network (ION) is a faculty development initiative located at the University of Illinois Springfield that provides comprehensive professional development opportunities in the areas of technology integration and online teaching. ION is a professional development initiative that has a direct, positive impact on the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of thousands of faculty members regarding integration of technology into teaching and learning.

ION invites all teaching/training organizations, colleges, and universities to join us in this award-winning service. The benefits of ION membership include:

  • Discounted registration fees for Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality (MVCR)- a series of faculty development courses designed to help faculty members acquire skills and knowledge needed to teach online and integrate technology into classes. The courses also help staff and administration support online education. Completion of four courses, an elective course and a practicum results in the Master Online Teacher Certificate.
  • Discounted registration fees for Advanced Online Seminars- Advanced Online Seminars are the next step of knowledge development beyond our more comprehensive MVCR courses. These courses cover specialized topics in depth or to a more technical degree. These courses are developed when a specialized need or high level of interest is seen within a given online teaching and learning topic.
  • Member Reserved MVCR sections- Whole sections of MVCR courses may be reserved for partner institution participants. You will pay a fixed fee for an MVCR faculty member to teach your class. 
  • Custom-made faculty training programs- Depending on your unique institutional needs, ION will assist in creating and delivering online faculty training to your faculty members. Contact ION for additional details.
  • Campus Visits- One-on-one, personalized presentations on your campus by Illinois Online Network staff. 
  • Representation on ION Steering Committee - Early announcements, Steering reports, and a voice in direction and priorities of ION development.
  • Strategic Partnership - For accreditation, grant application, and other documentation needs, your institution establishes its intentions and implementation of effective, successful faculty development for online teaching.

The ION staff invite your institution to become a member of the Illinois Online Network. We look forward to working with you to help your instructors achieve their technology and online goals.