ION | Illinois Online Network

Founding Partners

Illinois Online Network's Founding Partners consist of Illinois Community Colleges and the University of Illinois.

In 1997, ION was founded as a collaboration between ten community colleges and the University of Illinois. From these original ten founding partners, ION grew until all 48 community colleges in Illinois along with the University of Illinois now form the founding members of ION. As part of this partnership, all founding partners have representatives on the ION steering committee to help define goals and directions for ION's future and present.

ION's services are offered to Founding ION members at the deepest discount possible. Founding partners can schedule presentations/workshops at their institution, send attendees to the Faculty Summer Institute (FSI), take MVCR courses, receive QOCI reviews and training, and more.

All founding partners of ION have received benefits from their involvement. All have had students in the MVCR series of courses, and 28 founding institutions currently have faculty who have received our Master Online Teaching Certificate. We have completed workshops at 33 founding partners so far with all but 3 sending faculty to our FSI. The benefits are also seen in that 4 institutions have had faculty complete Pointer and Clicker articles for the ION Web site, and 6 institutions have had faculty complete Case Studies for the ION Web site.

Furthermore, the benefits of ION partnership are clear in the number and quality of online courses developed and taught at these institutions that help bring Illinois to the forefront in educational technology worldwide.