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ION is always trying to further the knowledge of online education. One aspect of this mission is our case studies. Currently, ION is working on case studies dealing with the transferability of knowledge between online and face-to-face instruction; however, any topic related to online education is welcomed as a case study. If you would like to submit a case study or other form of research for inclusion on this Website, see the Call for Papers.
The Case Studies in Online Education are published on-line by the University of Illinois for the Illinois Online Network. These include studies done by the staff of ION as well as contribution made by our readers. Responsibility for the contents rests upon the authors and not upon the University of Illinois. Copyright on all case studies is retained by the authors or submitting party(ies).

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The Use of Streaming Media and Animation to Teach Fingerspelling and Vocabulary in American Sign Language

Paula M. Willig
Interpreter Preparation Program
John A. Logan College

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The key to expressive and receptive use of American Sign Language and fingerspelling is exposure. Sign language classes provide exposure, as do extracurricular activities and required interaction time. Given the time constraints of teaching both a language and interpretation of that language within a two-year time span, I looked for ways to increase exposure time during those years. The World Wide Web has become a resource that provides increased exposure to fingerspelling and sign language vocabulary. I have worked with Thomas Bell, Director of Media Services and Telecommunications, and others at John A. Logan College, to develop a fingerspelling Web site using streaming media. I have also incorporated a vocabulary section into my classes where students can ask questions over the Internet about specific vocabulary. Either I respond to those questions in writing, or with an animated GIF file (Graphics Interchange Format) that demonstrates the particular vocabulary word or phrase.

Live Via Satellite and Streaming Media: Taking Satellite Courses Via Streaming Media

Brandon Talylor
Educational Technology Specialist and Adjunct Instructor
College of Lake County, Lakeshore Campus

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This paper describes a participant’s experience of using synchronous streaming media broadcasts over the Internet in order to participate in interactive courses that are offered live via satellite. With adequate and well-managed resources, live streaming media webcasts can be a viable alternative for delivering effective instruction to students who might not otherwise have access to it.