Objectives for this Activity: (as presented to students before activity or in syllabus)

Listed in rationales in the activity below. Additional objectives not listed include:

  • Isolate and identify student misconceptions about copyright that can be addressed during the course.
  • Obtain an initial written sample from the students that can be compared with later posts against suspected plagiarism.
  • Provide the students a fun way to learn the asynchronous discussion tool.

Prerequisites for this Activity: (not necessarily presented to students)

Student should have completed all activities for the given unit.

Materials and Resources:

What needs to be prepared in advance by the teacher? - The assignment page

What does the student need to bring to the lesson? - Complete prior readings and activities.

Guiding Questions for this Activity: (may be presented directly to students)

What did you learn during this unit? How will/does it apply to your practice? Will/Have you been able to put any of this knowledge into practice?

Activity as Presented to Students: (usually in conjunction with the asynchronous discussion forum)


Orientation: Copyright Violation

Directions: Obviously, you are not expected to know what is and what is not a copyright violation for sure at this point.  Still, take the time to search the Web for what you think is a copyright violation. In this forum, post the URL of the site and why you feel that it is a copyright violation. Then respond to the possible violations of at least 2 other students with reasons why you agree or disagree with the possibility of their sites being a violation.

Rationale: The rationale for this exercise is to discover what you currently feel about copyright and Web uses of materials.  It also lets you begin to get to know the other students in the class and realize that everyone has correct and incorrect conceptions of legal issues.

Teaching Strategies:

What are some tips to help the lesson run smoothly?

  • Make sure that you provide adequate feedback on this activity so that students will maintain their motivation to actively reflect on their learning.
  • Come back to this activity later in the course, providing the students the opportunity to reflect back on what they have learned and re-evaluate prior decisions.
  • To motivate students and start the course on a positive note, provide a modest number of points toward the course grade through this activity.


Probably none. Most disabilities have technology allowing Web browsing.

Ideas for Activity Evaluation and Teacher Reflection:

End of semester evaluations should ask about the usefulness and learning accomplished through such activities. Also, the responses in the forum will help guage how the students are enjoying various aspects of the activity.


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