Objectives for this Activity: (as presented to students before activity or in syllabus)

The first item is presented to students within the course syllabus under course requirements.

  • In each Module, critique a web-based resource about online learning or develop a supplemental question which furthers the class discussion.

The next item relates to the wiki activity and is presented to students under educational objectives.

  • Develop a functional understanding of the nature and importance of online learning in the context of contemporary educational offerings.

Prerequisites for this Activity: (not necessarily presented to students)

The student must be able to search the Web and other resources for articles to critique if not provided by the instructor.

Materials and Resources:

What needs to be prepared in advance by the teacher? - The wiki software and assignment description.

What does the student need to bring to the lesson? - Time.

Guiding Questions for this Activity: (not presented directly to students but a question that should be addressed in the readings)

How do the students interpret what the current literature has to say about the course topics?

Activity as Presented to Students: (usually in conjunction with the asynchronous discussion forum)

evaluation.gifAssignment: Wiki


Participants are asked to submit an annotated reference of an online article or resource relevant to the course content. This activity has three functions:

  • It allows students to choose what to focus on and take control of their own learning experience.

  • It brings outside resources into the course.

  • It provides participants with an extensive list of summaries of related resources which they can choose to read or archive for later use.


Post your assignment in the Wiki of Resources (toward the top of the home page) no later than the date it appears in the course calendar. The Wiki Rubric will be used to evaluate the assignment.


Annotate an online article or resource related to this module's content, the online student. This should be an article other than one assigned for this course or a web-based resource (e.g. link to an archived webcast). Think of this assignment as a way to build a collective online professional library.

  • Submit your annotate reference in the Wiki of Resources. It's in the top box. Click on it, then click on edit.  Place your cursor where you want to add your entry.
  • Include the title of the reference and the complete URL (Web address) at the beginning of your posting (cutting and pasting it from your browser's address bar will avoid mistakes in doing this) so your classmates can link to the site.

  • Add 2-4 sentences that describe what the article or resource is about. Please type these directly into the wiki (don't cut and paste from a document) and use the icons at the top of the form to format.

  • Add your name at the end of the posting.

Teaching Strategies:

  • Instructions must be given within the course on how to use the wiki.
  • Although it is often useful to provide feedback in the same context as the assignment, this particular assignment creates an ever growing collaborative document. Feedback is therefore presented individually outside of the wiki.
  • Initial feedback may need to be more complete than later feedback in order to establish the expectations of the exercise.


What accommodations may be needed for students with disabilities or other special needs? This lesson requires few if any accommodations. Most text to speech and speech to text programs can function, however, the wiki software used should be verified for accessibility as appropriate. The bandwidth requirements are also low.

Time Committment:

The given activity can take 1-2 hours including time to find articles, carefully read, and then articulate key points. Additional time will be needed initially to learn the tool.

Ideas for Activity Evaluation and Teacher Reflection:

Retain a log of student feedback on the tool. Also, try to update it as new information becomes available.

Rather than a complete rubric, this activity earned 5 points per module and is described as thus in the assessment criteria for the course.

Participation in discussions combined with participation in other module activities accounts for 60% of the total points possible in the course. Participation is the largest single portion of the grade because this course focuses on collaborative learning and dialog. The participants themselves will produce many of the course materials and learning resources. Participation includes reading the course materials, contributing to the weekly discussions, asking questions, doing article critiques, weekly summaries, and responding to classmates’ postings with depth and quality. Assessment of participation will consider the total number of an individual's contributions to class discussions and personal notes to the instructor, as well as the quality of those messages.



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