technology tip of the month Moodling
Volume 6 (3)
By: Kevin Johnson, Michael Lindeman,
& Virgil E. Varvel Jr.


Using Groups

Types of Groups

There are three types of “group” forums as described below.

1 – a forum that is open to everyone who can see and reply to everyone else – this is the single person image when editing (can’t get a screen shot right now as the server is down) 1person.gif

2 – a forum that is open to everyone who can see everyone, but only post and reply within their own group section. (this is where you have two visible people in the icon) 2people.gif

3 – a forum that is open to everyone, but you can only see, post, and reply to those within your group (this is the two people icon where one is grayed out) 12person.gif

When a forum is made visible, it is available to everyone to see it as a link. When you go to the forum, one of three things will happen depending on the setting above.

If 1 then – you will just see the forum as you would normally.

If 2 then – you will see the forum, but there will be a drop-down menu to the top left. This tells you which group of students’ posts you want to look at. I can see posts in all groups, but will only be able to post and reply to those in my group.

So if I am in group 1 and I have group 2 selected, I will be able to see their posts, but will not be able to reply. If I have group 1 selected, then I can post and reply.

If 3 then – you will see the forum, but will only be able to do anything when you have your group selected.

What does all of this mean.

You only have to make one forum per group project. When a student goes into that forum, they select their group from the drop-down menu in order to post to their group.

It does not appear that you can make a forum itself invisible to a selected group of students, only posts within the forum.

Assigning Students to Groups

One problem with the current version of Moodle is that a student can only be assigned to one group at a time. Furthermore, if you change the group that a student is in, they no longer have access to their old posts within the previous group. We believe that multiple groups will be allowed in future versions of Moodle, but do not know when. If you do want to change the groups around, it is suggested that you change the group settings of previous group works within forums so that everyone can view them or alert the students to the change.


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