Using QuizPlease


QuizPlease is shareware produced by MoneyTree Software Company.  There are two different programs that make up QuizPlease. The first program runs on the Instructor's computer and allows instructors to create quizzes and to publish them to web pages. You can download a copy of this program and try it out.  To register your copy costs $149.  The second program runs on a server. It keeps track of student scores. The server program costs $199. You can try the Instructor part without needing to use the server part.

How QuizPlease Works

QuizPlease Instructor Program
Using the Instructor program by itself produces quizzes with only limited utility. The instructor creates questions and assembles them into a quiz.  QuizPlease scores the quiz and mails the results to the instructor. Since QuizPlease uses JavaScript to grade the quiz, the program to grade the quiz are stored inside the quiz itself.  This means that students can view the answers if they know to use the Netscape View menu and select Page Source. 

QuizPlease Server Program
The QuizPlease server program (see information in the next section)  does not use JavaScript, so students cannot see the answers. The program to grade the quizzes is stored on the server. The server program also produces an HTML answer key that you can make available to your students after the end of the quiz. Students' scores are stored in a database that the Instructor can review.

QuizPlease SERVER Features

  • Quizzes contain no JavaScripting.
  • Quizzes will work on nearly all browsers.
  • Students cannot view answers in source code of HTML.
  • Quiz results are not Emailed. The results are stored on the SERVER in a Microsoft ExcelŽ compatible file. This file may be downloaded or used as a Helper Application.
  • QPS presents the Instructor with a list of all Quizzes. The Instructor selects the Quiz and then QPS will extract from the Microsoft ExcelŽ compatible file (on the server) and write an HTML page for the Instructor summarizing all of the results. These results show in detail each student score, the questions they answered and the time and date they took the Quiz. The Instructor may view or print this file, or generate it at a later date. This option allows a quick way for the Instructors to review the results of quizzes. Downloading of the Microsoft ExcelŽ compatible file is only required if an analysis is to be performed on the file (such as determine the average, statistics or graphing of results).

To Start QuizPlease
From the Start menu, select Programs and Quiz Please 97.2.

Follow these steps to create a quiz
From the start of the QuizPlease book (Home), click on the Create a New Quiz button.

Enter an abbreviation for the quiz, no more than 8 characters, only letters and numbers 0-9 may be used. Note that a folder will be created under the QuizPlease directory with the name you type in. Under that folder, another folder will be created called images. The images folder stores all of the images and multimedia files for the quiz.

Click on the Info. tab, and enter in the information about the quiz. QuizPlease assumes you are creating a Tutorial type of quiz, but you may select another type. Many of these fields are optional; if you don't fill them in, your quiz in Netscape will not display the information. Some fields (like the passing score field) must be entered if you select a the type of quiz where a score will be generated.

Click on the Quest. tab (the question bank). The first question will be displayed. Fill in the fields for this question. If you want to enter another question, click on the New icon on the QuizPlease toolbar at the top of the screen. When entering a new question, you must save it by clicking on the Save icon. Note that all of the other Toolbar items and the menu bar items (except Edit) are not visible until you save the question.

After entering a few questions, click on the Publish tab. You may now click on the Create a Quiz button (on the Publish page) to create a quiz for the information you have entered. If you have not registered QuizPlease, you will be able to create a quiz with only 3 questions. You may, however, have as many quizzes as you want, with up to 32,000 questions in the question bank. This is the only limitation of the unregistered version. Once the quiz has been created, you may view it in Netscape by clicking on the View Quiz button. (note: Netscape 3 or later required) You may have to tell QuizPlease where your Netscape program is located. This is done by selecting Tools and then Options.

The quiz you just viewed is located under your QuizPlease folder. For example, if you named your quiz history, then the quiz is: c:\qp972\history\history.htm The images and multimedia files are located here: c:\qp972\history\images .

If you want to copy the quiz to a floppy (which will work just fine) make a folder called a:\images on the floppy, copy all images to that directory, and then copy c:\qp972\history\ history.htm to: a:\history.htm.

While in Netscape, a student may take the test by simply selecting File | Open a:\history.htm and pressing Enter.

If you have included WebReferences, then the student may click on them, to leave the floppy and jump to the Internet site (URL). The student may then return to the floppy by pressing the Back button and answer the question.