Using Web Quiz Writer

WebQuiz Writer allows an instructor to incorporate quiz questions (for self testing?) right in a web page.  Possible uses include self testing to accompany a lecture, or testing subsequent to completion of a portion of the course.  The advantage to this program over more sophisticated quizzing program is that the instructor has complete control over how, where and when the quiz will be given.  There is no need for the College to purchase expensive quizzing software that resides on the campus web server.  The answers to the quiz questions are stored right within the quiz, so this type of quiz is not suitable for scoring.

Downloading and Purchasing
You can download WebQuiz Writer version 2.2 nd test it for yourself.  The price to register a copy is $39.95.  Version 3.0 is expected very sooan.

Starting the Program
From the Start menu, select Programs, then WebQuiz Writer 2.2.  The opening screen looks like the image below.

To Create a Quiz:
1.  Click the File menu, and select New File.

2.  Choose the Question Type for the First question, either True/false, Multiple Choice, or Multiple Answer.

3.  Type the Question in the Question Box, and then type the possible answers.

4.  Indicate which answer is correct by clicking the round button to the left of the correct answer.

5.  Provide feed back by typing some in the Explanation box.  Remember that this text will appear to students who select both the correct answer and the incorrect answer, so it must be appropriate for both.

6.  You can save questions you have created in a data file by selecting File, Save Data As...  This allows you to save questions you have created, and then add some additional questions later on.

7.  When you have finished adding questions, click Create and select Practice test/JavaScript.  The quiz is saved in HTML format.

Deleting Questions
You can delete a question from your data file by clicking Actions and selecting Delete Question.