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Encouraging and Utilizing Communication in Online Courses

Strategies for Using Chat as a Communication Tool - Learn more about some practical uses of chat including, pedagogic uses, coping strategies, and chat etiquette

Encouraging Interaction in Online Classes , Michael Lindeman
The ABC's of Facilitation , Tracey Smith

General Conferencing Strategies - General conferencing strategies

Strategies to Promote Communication Online - Discusses what you can do to promote communication online including general strategies and specific activities

Specific Activities That Promote Online Discussion - Discusses various types of online discussions that can take place

Communication Strategies Presentation

Facilitating Discussions: Importance, Design, Facilitation and Evaluation - Tracey Smith discusses facilitation discussions

Problem-Based Learning

Conferencing Strategies Discussion Questions

ESL/ELL Resources - To Help English Language Teachers and Learners

ESL/ELL Resursos Para Triunfar en la Escuela - Resursos Para Triunfar en la Escuela

Collaborative Learning

Synergy in the Virtual Classroom - Discusses the dynamic energetic atmosphere created in an online course when participants interact

Collaborative/Cooperative Learning - Discusses collaborative or cooperative learning as the process of getting two or more students to work together to learn

Communication Tools for online instruction

Group Communication Tools - An overview of synchronous and asynchronous conferencing concepts and programs

Glossary of communication terms

Glossary of Conferencing Terms - Glossary of words and abbreviations used in conferencing