Instructional Design

Mary Ellen Michael and Iris Stovall
It is vital to develop a plan of instruction when considering putting a course on-line.  The activities below will help develop the design plan.

Getting Started with Instructional Design

Developing Objectives for your Course

Some considerations for your on-line course planning.
An Incomplete Checklist

Is your text dark on a light background so that students can print the text?

Is your course designed logically so that students don't become easily lost?

Does your course include activities to promote interactions?

Does your course have a page explaining "netiquette"?

Have you included a link to an example of a quality group presentation project so that students can evaluate their own work?

Have you published your office phone number and room number in addition to your e-mail address?

Do your web pages contain enough "white space" so students don't feel threatened by the amount of material?

Do you use lists to organize related material?