Developing Objectives and Instructional Strategies
Interactive Activity

Learning objectives should be stated in terms that require an action on the part of students. Objectives stated in a form that does not allow observative behavior means that we cannot actually assess whether or not a student meets those criteria, and students cannot measure whether or not they have met those criteria.

Participating in the activity below will help you to develop behavioral objectives that students can be expected to follow and comprehend.

bluarrow.gif (860 bytes)What is the purpose of your course? (for example, self-enrichment, degree program, core course, etc)

bluarrow.gif (860 bytes)What are the likely characteristics of students in the class?

bluarrow.gif (860 bytes)What are the general topics students will be expected to learn?


bluarrow.gif (860 bytes)List ONE specific Learning Objective for your course. Use the ABCD model.


bluarrow.gif (860 bytes)Now, list what students would be expected to do to demonstrate they had mastered this Objective. Use the verbs in this list to help you associate the skill with what the student does.





bluarrow.gif (860 bytes)What instructional strategies and learning activities do you use in your face-to-face class to help students organize and learn the material for the objective named above?  How do you provide feedback? How do you assess their learning?

bluarrow.gif (860 bytes)How can technology assist you to perform the same activities or to introduce different activities to accomplish what you do in the traditional classroom? How would you provide feedback? How would you assess their learning?


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