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Principles of Instructional Design

ppt presentation Instructional Design for Online Courses
Online Instruction - Important Issues to Consider
Instructional Design Workshop

Designing an effective course

Designing an Exemplary Online Course, Michael W. Lindeman
Distribution of Content in Online Courses , Virgil Varvel
Using Storyboards in Online Course Design - This pointer article describes the usefulness of storyboarding in an online instruction context. Why they are used, and how they are used will be discussed.

Models and Theories (outside links)

Instructional Design Models, School of Education , University of Colorado at Denver, 2001, Various models of instructional design
Instructional Design Resources, Guide to Online Schools, 2010, resources and additional links

Helping others make their courses great

Helping Faculty Create Quality Online Courses , Iris K. Stovall
Developing Course Objectives for Chemistry , Illinois Online Network , 2000 , Developing course objectives in specific fields
kineo, a UK-based strategic consulting, elearning development, resource-rich site.
Guide to Online Schools, 37 Great Resources on Instructional Design
ThinkingCap Lab A place where fellow instructional designers can virtually meet and create instructional designs, post those designs and generate invaluable feedback from peers.

Course Objectives

Developing Course Objectives Illinois Online Network , 2000 , Discusses reasons for objectives, components of an objective, kinds of objectives, and building of objectives

Learning Styles

Learning Styles and the Online Environment



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