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Online Education Overview

Learn the basics on online teaching and learning

Key Elements of an Online Program
An Online Course in a Nutshell
Online Teaching and Learning Workshop Michael Lindeman, Virgil Varvel, & Iris K. Stovall
What Have We Learned by Offering 120 Course Sections Iris K. Stovall
Glossary of Terms
Discussion Questions
Online Learning Explained

Homework Desk: Online Study Guides A collection of online study guides to help you to learn more about your school subjects.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Online Learning Consider both the pros and the cons of online learning

Getting Started

Putting a Class up on the Web (An historical perspective) Steve. G. Gabany, Ph.D., Professor, Community Health, Department of Health & Safety, Indiana State University

What Every Student Should Know About Online Learning, John E. Reid, Jr. Ph.D., Coordinator of Distance Education Technology, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw Georgia.

Guide to Online Schools Analysis of the current state of online education, where it stands, and where it's heading.

Additional Information on Quality Programs

The Nature and Characteristics of Online Learning in Illinois Colleges and Universities - A report for the Illinois Virtual Campus prepared by Dr. John S. Washburn, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale showing changes in the institutions that participate in the IVC focusing on the nature and status of online learning, how institutional representatives perceive their institutions' support for online learning, and implications for state and local policy/planning.

Creating a High Quality Training Program, Virgil Varvel

Could you save money with online learning?

Online Learning Cost Saving Calculator The Open SUNY Cost Savings Calculator shows how much money you might save taking classes online.