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Streaming Media Workshop
Activity 2

Evaluating  Effective Use of Streaming Media in Online Courses

In this activity you will evaluate how instructors have used Streaming Audio and Video in their online courses. Working with a colleague, visit the courses below and choose one for this activity.

Michigan State's "Intro to C++" CPS 230
Instructor: Dr. Richard Enbody.
This course uses audio and/or video for lectures along with slides. Be sure to look at the course syllabus.
Engineering Mechanics 12
The streaming media files are here
Dallas Community Colleges' “Marketing 2370”
Instructor: Gemmy Allen.
Review "Marketing Planning: Ch. 6". Watch the video segment #1.
Virginia Commonwealth University's "Tools for Creating & Managing Interactive Web-Based Learning" Instructors: Bob Godwin-Jones and  Sue Polyson.
The first lecture will start when you link to this site. Use the "Jump to" button to listen to other lectures.

As you browse these sites, consider the following questions:

  1. How easy was it for your to understand what you were supposed to do to watch/listen to the streaming media?

  2. Did you feel like you were controlling the technology, or was it controlling you?
    For example, could you start | stop | rewind | and pause when you wanted to? Could you navigate through the presentation, or were you at the mercy of the video/audio clip?

  3. What is the instructor's intended use for the streaming media?
    Review of previously presented material
    Presentation of new material
    Presentation of Supplemental material to the course content
    As part of an exercise or assignment
    Other? Please describe

  4. What media did the instructor stream?

  5. How would you rate the quality of the sound and or video?

  6. How long were the segments? Discuss the relevance of the audio/video clip length (positive and negative aspects).

  7. Did the instructor give students an alternative method to acquire the content?
    Choice of video OR audio OR both
    Choice to print out text of audio clips
    Other? Please explain

  8. Was viewing/listening to the streamed content essential or required in order to successfully complete the lesson?

  9. How has the streaming media helped to achieve the learning objectives of this course?

  10. What is the pedagogical rationale for using streaming media in this course?
    For example, what activities, assignments, or follow up work should students do after they experience the streaming media?

  11. In your opinion, is the media used the BEST technology to present the content?
    Why? Why not?

  12. What do you like best about how this professor has used streaming media?

  13. What suggestions could you give this instructor for improvement?

  14. Bottom Line: What have you learned from this exercise?



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