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Streaming Media Workshop
Activity 3

Integrating Streaming Media in your Online Course

In this activity you will you will look at how one instructor has used audio to enhance an online language course, and you will consider how you might integrate streaming technologies in your own online course. 

Look at how an ESL instructor has integrated an audio clip from another Web site into an online English course,  Reflections On Ernest Hemingway. On the Home Page of the course, link to the "Nobel Prize Speech" assignment. Consider these points:

--The audio clip in this activity is supplemental to the exercise, and is not essential for students to be able to complete the assignment.

--The transcript of the audio segment has been included for students who cannot access the audio, and for later reference. It can be printed and read offline.

--The quality of the clip is bad, however, it is an original recording of Hemingway's voice, and adds an element of reality to the activity.

--The assignment is closely tied to the audio segment, however, it is not dependent on it. Students must write a critique of Hemingway's speech and comment on his idea of what a good writer should do.

--Students must submit their assignment to the class conferencing forum and read their classmates' submissions. They must also comment on at least 3 of their classmates' postings.

Go to WebCasting Links and choose a streaming audio or video clip to evaluate for its potential to integrate into your course Website. Answer the following questions:

  1. Which clip(s) did you choose?

  2. How long is the clip?

  3. How is the quality of sound and/or picture?

  4. What type of connection to the Web did you use to evaluate your clip?

  5. Do you think your students will use an Internet connection which is the same, worse, or better than the one you used? Consider how this will affect the viewing quality of the clip you chose.

  6. What course topic will this clip be used for?

  7. What is the purpose of using this clip? For example, would you use this clip for :
    Review of past material
    Presentation of new material
    Supplement the lesson content
    Extension of the lesson
    Other, please explain

  8. What type of exercise or activity would be tied to this clip, and how would you organize the assignment? For example would you assign:
    Comprehension questions about the clip's content
    Discussion questions based on the topic presented in the clip
    Ask students to discuss related topic or theme in the course conferencing forum
    Ask students to write a critique or summary of the clip
    Other, please explain

  9. How would you provide for student  interaction and/or collaboration?

  10. How would you assess student learning?


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