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Using Real Producer


There are three versions of RealProducer.


The free encoder. A basic encoder that allows you to create RealMedia files.

RealProducer Plus G2

All the features of RealProducer, plus can produce backwardly compatible media files, and allows you to customize media files. The cost of this version is $149.00.

RealProducer Pro G2

For professionals or people who spend much of their time creating and editing RealMedia files. Allows batch conversion of media files and the addition of captions to media files. The cost of this version is $499.

Using RealProducer

blue arrowStart RealProducer from the Desktop shortcut, or from the Start menu.

blue arrowRealProducer initially uses a Wizard to help in the process. In the New Session box select Record from File. Note that you can also record from Media Device (such as a camera or VCR) or record from a Live Broadcast.

blue arrowUsing the Browse button, select the media file to encode.

blue arrowFill in the Title, Author and Copyright information.

blue arrowSelect the type of server from which students will receive the media. The default is SureStream forRealMedia G2 server. This option is newer technology that creates files that can be streamed at multiple bandwidths. If you know your College plans to install a Realserver, select this option.

blue arrowSelect the target bandwidths that your audience will be using. It is a good idea to be conservative and assume students will have 28.8 and 56 kbps modems at best.

blue arrowSelect the type of audio file you are encoding. If your file contains video, an option that says "Normal Motion Video" appears on this list.

blue arrowName the output file and select a saving location.

blue arrowSelect Finish when ready to encode the file. After encoding, the non-Wizard window opens to show the options you chose and to allow you to re-encode with other options.

blue arrowFor files with video, the final screen after encoding looks similar to this:



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