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Myth 7

Students learn more in the online classroom than they do in the face-to-face classroom.

The method of instructional delivery does not by itself determine how much students learn. Students learn well when the instructor is enthusiastic and when the course is structured appropriately so that learning can occur. Students can learn very well from face-to-face instruction. Most people recall a particular lecturer who inspired them to pursue knowledge in a paraticular field. They can also learn very well from the online enviornment, at least as judged by qualitative studies. Some links to studies that discuss the quality of learning that can occur in the online enviornment are shown to the right.

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Seven Myths of Educational Technology or If You Want to Know How to Use Technology in Teaching, Ask a Teacher! by Bill Scroggins, March 1998,

Implementing Change Involving WWW-Based Course Support Across the Faculty by B. A. Collis

Writing Across the Curriculum Encounters Asynchronous Learning Networks or WAC Meets Up With ALN by Gail E. Hawisher and Michael A. Pemberton

The SCALE Efficiency Projects by John Ory, Cheryl Bullock, and Kristine Burnaska

Impacts of College-Level Courses via Asynchronous Learning Networks: Some Preliminary Results by Starr R. Hiltz

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