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Myths of Educational Technology

Seven original myths were formulated by Bill Scroggins, Past President, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. The reference to his article is in the Resources box to the right.

The myths below are in the form of statements that can be interpreted in many ways - some that are favorable to technology and some that are not. The text of each of the myths is printed, and along with commentary to show why the statement has some elements that are true and some that are false.

blue arrowMyth 1 - It is possible to educate more students by online teaching than it is by traditional face-to-face classroom teaching.

blue arrowMyth 2 - Teaching online costs less than traditional face-to-face teaching.

blue arrowMyth 3 - Fewer brick and mortar buildings will be needed when more courses are taught online.

blue arrowMyth 4 - Purchasing networks and computers is the most expensive part of providing technology for teaching and learning.

blue arrowMyth 5 - Eventually, all faculty will abandon face-to-face teaching for online teaching.

blue arrowMyth 6 - Fewer faculty will be needed as the shift to online learning occurs.

blue arrowMyth 7 - Students learn more in the online classroom than they do in the face-to-face classroom.



Seven Myths of Educational Technology or If You Want to Know How to Use Technology in Teaching, Ask a Teacher! by Bill Scroggins, March 1998,

Implementing Change Involving WWW-Based Course Support Across the Faculty by B. A. Collis


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