Using Web Graphics and Documents


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Graphic Editor Tools
This page provides an anotated list of graphics tools.

Gif Animation Station
Copyright free animated .gif clip art

GIFs and JPEGs
When to use GIF and when to use JPEG...

Adobe's site on GIFs and JPEGS
How to get great looking images along with the smallest file sizes for your web images.

Color Choices
By Jennifer Krymin
Proper use of color can keep a reader on your page, while poor use can drive them away. Three rules to follow for good color choices.

"Good" Web Design - File Size Matters
By Linda Weinman

Size directly impacts speed on the Web, and fast graphics are a key to good design.

Web Color Wizardy
By Linda Weinman
Creators and viewers of Web graphics almost always see a different picture...

Hexidecimal Color Sampler
This is a palette of colors that will reproduce well on typical 256-color Mac or PC systems.

ion resourcesGraphic Files Types on the Web

ion resourcesInterlaced and Transparent GIF Files

ion resourcesMicrosoft Gif Animator

ion resourcesCreate Text Images

ion resourcesCapture Images From the Screen

ion resourcesCrop and Resize Images with SnagIT

ion resourcesBrowser Safe Colors

ion resourcesControl Color with SnagIT 

ion resourcesAdobe Portable Document Format


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