Creating Text Images Using Microsoft Image Composer

Using HTML you can create text in colors and in different sizes, as in the title of this page above. However, there are limitations. If the viewers of your web page don't have the fancy font installed on their computers that you used to create the text, another font will be substituted. You lose control over the appearance of your web page, and its appearance may not be what you intended.

With text images you can apply 3D effects such as drop shadows that make your web page look more professional. Keep in mind that images take longer to download than text, so use text images wisely.

Creating Text

ion resourcesFrom the Start menu select Programs, then Microsoft Image Composer to open Image Composer.

ion resourcesFrom the Toolbox on the left, select the Text button, labeled with an A.

ion resourcesChoose a Font from the dropdown list. Select the Italic Style. Select a size of 36. Make sure the Smoothing box is checked.

ion resourcesClick the Color box to choose a color for the text.

ion resourcesClick the Center button to center the text inside the text box.

ion resourcesMove your mouse pointer into the Composition Guide and click and drag your mouse to create a text box. Type "Visitor Center". Press Enter and type "History of the Crusades".

ion resourcesIf your text box isn't large enough, use the mouse pointer to drag the right side of the box to make it bigger.

ion resourcesWhen you have finished, click outside the text box to see how the text looks. Notice that the jagged edges of italic text have been smoothed away.

ion resourcesSize your text by dragging the box outward or inward.

Applying Effects to the Text

ion resourcesIf it is not already selected, click your text once to select it and display the sizing handles.

ion resourcesClick the Effects button on the Toolbox to display the effects option box.

ion resourcesThere are two tabs, Effects and Details. You can select an Effect by clicking on the parot head of your choice, then click Details to see optional settings for that Effect.

ion resourcesFind and select the Effect called Drop Shadow. Click the Details tab.

ion resourcesThe Green boxes select the direction of the shadow. Select the box in the lower left corner (Southwest). Select a Distance of 6. Move the Soft - Hard slider so that it is slightly above Hard.

Click the Color box to select a color for the drop shadow. Move the Red, Green and Blue sliders to the middle of the bar. This produces a gray drop shadow. Click Apply.

ion resourcesLeave the Effects box open and try some different settings and effects. When you are finished, close the Effects box.

ion resourcesChange the size of the Composition Guide so that it is just large enough to hold your text box.

ion resourcesFrom the File menu, click Save As, and sav

ion resources

e as a gif file on your diskette.

ion resourcesOpen history.html with the FrontPage 98 editor and insert your text image at the top. Remove the title text at the top.




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