Screen Capture

SnagIT - a Screen Capture Program

Why would you want to take a snap shot of some part of your computer screen? It is very useful for showing students where to point and click if they are using an unfamilar program. It is also a convenient method for placing on your web site some drawing, structure, that you have created in a program that cannot be used on the web.

SnagIt is a program that allows you to capture regions of your screen to save to a file for display on the web. SnagIt is shareware that can be downloaded from  The cost is $39.95 to register a downloaded copy.  There is a 45 day evaluation period for SnagIt, after which, it expires. The image below of the SnagIt program was captured with SnagIt!


Using SnagIT to Capture Part of the Screen

ion resourcesWhen SnagIT is first started, it starts you with a Wizard to help you begin. Click Next.

ion resourcesClick the Radio button marked Region to select part of the screen. Click Next.

ion resourcesClick the Radio button marked Graphics file to save your selected area to a file. Click Next.

ion resourcesThe default keys that activate SnagIT are the Control key, Shift key and the p key. Leave the defaults active.

ion resourcesClick the Finish button.

ion resourcesFrom the Output menu, select Properties.... From the Image File tab, select Gif. Click OK.

ion resourcesNow, press and hold down the Control, Shift and p keys. The cursor changes to a hand. Identify a part of the screen you would like to capture. Click and drag the mouse from top to bottom to select an area. Release the mouse button.

ion resourcesThe preview screen shows your image. Click the green button to save the image. Give the file a name, with a .gif ending.

ion resourcesThe image is now ready for the web.

An Easy Way to Capture an Image from the Win95/Win98 Screen

An inexpensive way to capture the entire screen is by pressing the "Print Screen" key.  Pressing Print Screen transfers everything on the screen to the Clipboard (memory) of the computer.  We can see the clipboard contents by doing the following:

ion resourcesFrom the Win95 Start Menu, select Accessories.

ion resourcesSelect Paint.

ion resourcesFrom the Edit Menu, select Paste.

ion resourcesThe contents of the clipboard are now displayed in the Paint program. 

ion resourcesUse the rectanglar Select Tool in the upper left corner to select part of the screen image you want to save. 

ion resourcesThen from the Edit Menu, choose Copy to copy just the selected part of the image.

ion resourcesFrom the File Menu, select New to create a new place to paste the selected part.Paint will ask you whether you wish to save your original screen.  If so, select Yes and give your screen a name. 

ion resourcesNow, from the Edit Menu, select Paste to paste the part of the screen you selected.  You can save this selected part of the screen by choosing Save... from the File Menu.



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