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Using Links in Web Pages

Use links wisely. They can enhance your course if used well. They can be frustrating and time wasting if not.

blue arrowDon't use text Click Here or Click for your links.

Use link text such as:
Chemistry Department at Central Illinois University
and not
Click here for the homepage of Central Illinois University's Chemistry Department.

blue arrowProvide links that are valid and that contain up to date information

1. Review your linked resources periodically to make sure the web sites they point to have not moved. Some software packages, such as Microsoft FrontPage 98 can check a web site for links that no longer exist.

2. Make sure your linked sites contain up to date information, and if not, replace or remove them.

3. Use linked sites that you have evaluated for content and authenticity.

blue arrowBe careful with link colors.

The default colors for an unvisited link are blue and for a visited link are purple. Students accustomed to using the web will associate unvisited and visited links with those colors.

If you change the colors to match your web site color scheme students may become confused about the meaning of the new colors. If you want to change the colors, try to keep the pure color for unvisited links and the slightly muddy color for visited links. It is the sites as yet unvisited that need the attention that a pure, brighter link color can provide.

blue arrowShould you use links to external sites?

Remember that some students who click a link to an external site may not come back! Always present the information you want students to have before you give a list of links with additional information



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